Getting personal with this talented, young artist and his pursuit towards an acting career.

Tyler Ring is a 25-year-old Southern California native, born and raised in Huntington Beach. We sit down and he talks to me about making the decision to get into the acting scene, his personal life and travels.

Ring never necessarily had an interest in acting or modeling while growing up. His father actually gave him the idea which lead to his move to the Phillipines in 2012. Not long after moving from California to Milan, he easily found work. He became signed with Mercator and has participated in modeling and runway walks, but realized acting was his real passion.

With Red Hot Chili Peppers playing in the background, he tells me about his childhood, relationship between his parents as well as his middle school and high school experiences. Growing up he was generally a shy, introverted kid. This behavior continued throughout middle school  until he finally overcome it by making new friendships.

Q&A’s with RBC and Tyler Ring:

RBC: How did you overcome your shyness?

Ring: My friends and I skated a lot and hung out.. I remember I had never kissed a girl so the first year going into high school, my friend planned a group thing which was more of a set up: I did not like it, I freaked the f*ck out. We played a game called “Dark,” which means you do whatever you want during the time limit. The girl I had a crush on sat me down on the couch. (That just so happened to be his first kiss.)

Ring can be described by his many long term friends as a fun, personable and easygoing  person. He was also active on the wrestling team and a valuable team player at Fountain Valley High School.

RBC: Your relationships between middle school and throughout high school– how’d  that affect you growing up/your lifestyle and personality.

RING: In middle school I was very shy. I’ll never forget my friend [Todd Nguyen] always made me talk to this girl so when I finally would, he would joke and ask me if I wanted “a cookie”, “you want a brownie?” It never went anywhere.

RBC: Why is that?

Ring: I just never was an open guy. I was very closed– I just didn’t care what else was going on and I wasn’t looking for anything.

RBC: Tell me about your high school life. How did it affect your personality. Is that when all hell broke loose?

Ring: (We laugh about that) Yes, “when all hell broke loose,” would be the best way to describe it.. and that’s all [Garrett Onaga’s] fault. You can quote and blame him for that.

Ring: To me, all the crazy things that happened in high school– that was  never on my mind or anything..

RBC: What do you mean, like what?

Ring: The parties, the girls, whatever– I only cared about wrestling. I did all these other things and I loved doing them, but at the end of the day, I always loved wrestling. But I made a f*ck ton of mistakes in high school and probably double that after.

RBC: How would you describe yourself to people to don’t know you?

Ring: I guess I’d say “tough” is the best word to describe me.

He begins to sing along with RHCP’s “Under the Bridge,” while I ask him how he felt about leaving the Phillipines and back to Orange County.

Ring: I should have never came back here.

RBC: Why do you say that?

Ring: The reason I feel this way.. I thought I was ready to be back– I wasn’t. It made me even worse.

I asked him how so? Did he feel stagnant? He agreed with that statement. It definitely is easy to become comfortable in Orange County.

RBC: You did begin to start reading and writing though, right?

Ring: I found out what my passion is– it’s acting. That’s it, and that’s a hard thing to do. (I agreed with him here.) It’s not saying that I’m going to go out of my way and like turn here and do that to become an actor. I’m going to make myself act because I love acting and I’m going to make it for me. That takes a lot of other things to do it and so eventually I’ll do it– and I’m factoring in within five years or so.

*Tyler Ring is currently residing in California working on several screenplays and continuing his passion towards acting.*